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PPP urges relief package for flood-hit Chitral

Irshadullah Khan

PESHAWAR: Members of the PPP’s provincial council here on Tuesday demanded that the federal and provincial governments should immediately announce a relief package for the flood-devastated districts of Chitral.

Addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club, Sarfaraz Shah and Niaz Ahmed the recent rains and floods claimed many lives and destroyed public and private properties across Chitral.

They said the affected areas included Yarkhun valley, Harchin, Mastuj, Booni, Torkhow, Reshan and Garam Chashma, Chitral town suburbs, Kalash valleys, Ayun, Drosh and Shishi Koh.

Roads, bridges, irrigation canals and houses have also been damaged in many places while hydropower houses have been damaged mostly in Upper Chitral.

The PPP leaders said the attitude of the provincial government towards the affected people was very disappointing. There has been a delay in relief activities while the roads in several places in Chitral have not been restored for traffic even after a week. People in the affected areas are facing immense difficulties.

The provincial government instead of making announcements and promises should help the affected people on the ground.

They said the PTI government has been in power in KP for the last 10 years and the people of Chitral have given it votes in every election. But in return, the provincial government has neglected Chitral which is condemnable.

The PPP leaders demanded that the federal government should announce a special package for the flood-affected areas of Chitral. The federal government also should direct its departments to immediately start the rehabilitation work in the two districts of Chitral.

They also made a special appeal to the Sindh government to come forward to help the people of Chitral in this difficult time like in the past.

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