Relief package for flood-affected Chitral urged by MNA

Rs5bn needed to rebuild damaged infrastructure in Chitral: MNA

Irshad ullah khan

PESHAWAR: MNA Abdul Akbar Chitrali on Monday demanded that the federal and provincial governments should immediately announce a relief package for the flood-devastated districts of Lower and Upper Chitral.

Speaking at a press conference along with MPA Hidayatur Rahman at Peshawar Press Club, he said the federal government should also allocate Rs5 billion for the reconstruction of road communication infrastructure across Chitral.

Upper Chitral and Lower Chitral have been devastated by the recent rains and floods while five people lost their lives in Shishi Koh valley of Lower Chitral.

Many houses and crops have been washed away along with standing crops and houses.

The MNA said our sympathies are with the Chitral flood victims. It is very hurtful and we will not leave these devastated by the calamity without proper assistance for rehabilitation.

He said many villages faced serious threats due to the flooding of river Chitral.

He also said half of Reshun village had already been washed away by the river. Similarly, the areas of Terich valley, Barenis , Yarkhun, Torkhow and Harchin, Sonoghur have been badly hit by floods.

“Therefore, I demand the federal and provincial governments should immediately announce financial assistance for the district of Lower Chitral and Upper Chitral as per their promise and give compensation to the families of the deceased without delay.”

He further said that the government should also announce a package of five billion rupees to restore the infrastructure in the two districts.

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