180 households in Booni without electricity for 18 days

Over 180 households in Booni without electricity for three weeks


BOONI: Electricity supply to over 180 households in Booni has not been restored even after 18 days.

The areas of Raho Chinar, Charwelandeh, Hakimandur etc are without power after the only transformer of the area developed a fault three weeks ago. The transformer was shifted first to Reshun and then to Koghuzi for repairing but since hasn’t been reinstalled after multiple deadlines.
People have shown serious grievance against the concerned department, the resident engineer (RE) and district administration and have warned of blocking roads in protest if their electricity supply is not restored soon.
Officials of the district administration had promised to lodge an FIR against the residential engineer (RE) in Reshun if he did restore power supply to the area on Saturday but have taken no step so far.
Meanwhile, the area is submerged in darkness along with issues in mobile network and internet.
PEDO in Upper Chitral has no reserve transformers in case of emergency and they bring transformers to their workshop in Koghuzi which takes weeks. Mostly the locals in Upper Chitral repair their transformers through private workshops which costs thousands of rupees to them.

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