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Sword of Damocles

Aqib Ullah (Jangbazar Chitral)

There’s a short clip of Banu Qudsia, wife of Ishfaq Ahmad, in which she can be seen explaining what should be taught to children.

She says: “We are not teaching our children that how you can bear failure in life, we aren’t teaching them that life is full of ups and downs and you have to be ready to face every situation of life without losing your inner strength. You will have to face the flakes of people, you will go through a rough patch. The dilemma is we don’t teach them all these because we think that only getting numbers and parroting few formulas will make them successful”. 

According to an article published in The News, the main cause of the rising suicide cases in Chitral is the tough competition in education. Whenever a student isn’t able to get higher marks than his/her relative or friend, s/he is blamed for it by her parents and all other members of the family. 

The results of matric and FSc exams are to be announced soon and whenever these results are announced, we see news of teenagers committing suicide owning to not getting good marks because when they get less marks or fail in any subject, they will have to face derogatory comments of parents and elders. Showering praise on the toppers on different pages of social media adds salt to their injuries. It’s not breeze to bear all these chaotic situation for a child not knowing that practical life doesn’t depend on only marks and DMC of matric.

After sinking into the quagmire of despondency and considering themselves failures, seeing different news regarding toppers, they don’t find any better option than ending their lives. We have already lost many precious lives.

Parents and all other elders who can’t help chastising and blaming their children should understand that life of your child is more precious than his DMC. When a child gets low marks, that’s the time to show your support and encourage him for upcoming endeavours of life instead of blaming him infront of others.

Berating a child and comparing them with others perish their confidence, and when someone loses confidence, it leads him towards inferior complexity, and life becomes a burden for them. It’s time to make the parents and students conversant with that getting numbers doesn’t make you an able or successful person in life.

It’s the onus of schools also to invite the parents of the students for an awareness session before the announcement of matric results. They should be told that the lives of their children is important than numbers so take care of them.

The world is already in hot water due to pandemic and other climatic issues ,and nowadays, being alive has become special occasion. Let them live.


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