Kalash women's role in preserving their culture highlighted

Kalash women’s role in preserving their culture highlighted

CHITRAL: Speakers at a function held in Kalash Valley highlighted the role of Kalash women in preserving their indigenous culture for the coming generations.

The function was arranged in connection with the “International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” with financial support from European Union (EU). The theme of the day was “Role of Kalash women in preserving their culture”.

Speaking on the occasion Ayun Valley Development Program’s manager Javed Ahmed shed light on the importance of the day.

Arif Hussain said women have a great role in preserving cultures and transferring them to the next generations and that was why this year’s theme of the day had been linked to the Klash women and their culture.

He said the EU-funded project had three components: to keep local organizations of women and men functional, providing skills training to the youth and keep them engaged in health activities. 

Social activist Luke Rehmat said the indigenous culture, traditions language and handicrafts are the identity of the Kalash people and these should be protected and promoted. 

Moreover, the heritage of the Kalah community such as their graveyards, worship places, temples and Jashtkan are an embodiment of the Kalash culture and without preserving and protecting them the indigenous culture cannot be protected.

Local activist Iran Bibi said that the new generation was drifting away from their culture, especially those girls and boys who go to school were not serious in following their religious and cultural rituals.  

Other speakers spoke about the dangers to the Kalash culture and stressed the need for steps to preserve and promote it.

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