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Mehtar of Chitral Fatehul Mulk joins PTI

ISLAMABAD: Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir, the son of Chitral’s last mehtar Saiful Mulk Nasir, joined the PTI in Islamabad on Saturday.

He announced his decision to join the party after meeting PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan at the latter’s residence in Banigala here. KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan was also present.

By joining the party, the mehtar of Chitral has formally launched his political career and is expected to get a ticket in the next elections.

Shahzada Fatehul Mulk was born on November 27, 1983, and got his LLM degree from a US university. He holds the position of mehtar only as a token as the writ of the Katoor dynasty virtually ended after the state’s annexation with Pakistan.

In October 2011, Shahzada Fatehul Mulk was enthroned as the mehtar of Chitral at a special ceremony held in the royal fort. Such a coronation ceremony was last held in 1954 when the last ruler of the Katoor dynasty, Saiful Mulk Nasir, succeeded his father Saifur Rehman after his death in a plane crash on Lowari Top.

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  1. Khan says

    Body language shows Imran Khan came across Fatehul Mulk for the first time and got quite interested by him. A political novice though.

  2. Salman Ali says

    Mehter Fatehul Mulk has no political future. Being a ceremonial mehter is no qualification to get votes in elections. The mehtership title he still considers himself as if he is still the ruler.
    The reason why the young gentleman is building castles in the air that he would make it to the provincial or National Assembly is because of the Birbals and Mullah DOPiyazas hovering around him. They are misguiding him for their own vested interests as they have no other option but to flatter him.

    Winning people over is about showing them that you are in it to win it together, but with social anxiety disorder – with particular reference to Chitral – the mehter is destined to call it a day sooner or later as he is not fit for the job.

  3. Ali says

    Next MNA Chitral hopefully.

  4. Sultan Uddin says

    Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir joined a political party and lost his neutrality as mehtar of the people of Chitral. Now he is a leader of the PTI.

  5. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

    This time again, the Shehzadas of Chitral succeeded to hijack PTI like late Muhiuddin had taken full advantage of PMLQ by joining Gen Musharraf regime.

    We all know PTI has a bright future -even if it is for some years like PMLQ – but the politically shrewd Shehzadas have taken the rein of the party at least in both upper and lower Chitral.

    Shahzada Sikander is the in-charge of PTI Upper, Shehzada Amanur Rehman has taken over from lower Chitral while a little known prince from Naghar is almost considering himself a potential candidate for PTI ticket from the lower.

    The old faces like Abdul Latif, the chief from Charun, the Suboor from Lokkuh, the lady senator from Torkhow – who could always be seen claiming to be most talented lady (alas) – and some other so-called ideological PTI walas have been dumped forever by the Shehzadas.

    Footnote: The shrewd shahzadas are not only considering the tickets for provincial and national assembly seats in next general elections as a done deal rather one of them is also hopeful to be the governor Khyber Pakhtunkwa. Oh good God pls save us from this opportunist lot!

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