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Peshawar traders to launch protest against high taxes

Irshad Ullah Khan

PESHAWAR: Traders in different markets in Peshawar have condemned the government for making it almost impossible to do business by imposing unjustified taxes, and announced to launch a protest move against it.

A meeting of the presidents of all trade unions of Qisa Khawani, Jahangirpura, electronics market and Kohati bazaar was held in Chitrali Bazaar on Saturday.

Addressing the meeting, Chitrali Bazaar President Abdur Razzaq said the current government is killing the traders economically.

Ever since this government came to power, it has created an economic crisis, there is no electricity, because of this our business has already deteriorated.

Today, this government has increased the problems of traders by imposing another tax in the name of sale tax in electricity bills.  

Traders play an important role in the development of the country, but this government has repeatedly imposed cruel taxes on us through FBR.

The traders’ leaders strongly condemn this move of the government and are going to protest from Monday, August 1, he added.

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