How to manage the economy?


Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

In one of the previous articles, one new point had been given but no details were elaborated. The financial experts hired by PTI and the previous governments failed to halt the drowning economic condition and went to get loans – mostly from IMF – and then from friendly countries but all were used to repay the installments of the loans as well as the interest on the loans and then new loans were sought.

This is a vicious cycle. We cannot manage our own resources. Now the country is on the brink of bankruptcy. The economist who believed the loans as solution to our ailing economy should be hanged for their misguidance.

Now we have to focus on our agriculture and in this case we must be able to produce enough grain for our domestic needs as well as for export. In the current situation shortage of grain and other food stuff may lead to disaster if any calamity hits the region.

To be strong in the food item supply will help also the defence side as without food no soldier can fight a battle for long unless he gets food and to run this aspect of statecraft we have to develop our agriculture and to get maximum land produce we have to take a number of measures and failure in this field is also due to political instability and this curse has been created by our political leaders. We must create an Agriculture Force of at least one hundred thousand men but what is my idea of this Force:

This force shall be recruited out of the unemployed educated youth and given them adequate training in various fields- agriculture with wheat, pulses, oil bearing crops, horticulture and all its techniques, olive plantations that has been begun in limited scale, fruit processing etc. in short we have to train a large force for development and we can ask China to send trainers on modern farming to feed the extra mouths that our population is increasing.

It will take about ten years to get results and get sufficiency and then we will be in a position to export food stuff which has very great scope across the globe. This Agriculture Force shall work on the waste lands which have to be equipped with new tube wells for supply of water. We shall have to build water channels to waste lands and at the same time planting trees should also be a part of this program. It needs immediate attention of the policy makers.

The present political system will not do it. In order to implement this side of economy we need a ruthless dictator for another ten years who could eliminate the political page of the current stage of our national life which is fighting against each other to hide their corruption.


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  1. Shehryar Ahmad Khan says

    A very good piece of opinion overall. I don’t agree with this one line. (“The economist who believed the loans as solution to our ailing economy should be hanged for their misguidance.”)
    First of all words like “hanged” should not be there as journalists are free of personal prejudices and write with a balance approach highlighting the core issues.
    Secondly countries like Pakistan with trade deficit have no options but to fill the gap with loans in her balance of payments.

    Shehryar Ahmad Khan.

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