Alhaj Muhammad Khan

Skill against distractions

A.M. Khan

In the last decade of 20th century, social media platforms continued to receive traction, and it’s now a critical part of the way people, in most walk of life, communicate and build their networks in social and professional settings.

For students, the optimized use of social media with a purpose and set timeframe is critically demanding as it must not distract them from purpose, and impact their studies.

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms inform to discover new ideas, learning innovative ways and means, connect with existing and new audience with changing time, receiving attention and traffic to one’s work, and build, innovate and enhance brand.

Some professions and businesses also demand optimal use of social media settings, and enhance their networks and influence. With more than two billion users, Facebook is the most influential and powerful tool of social media networks, has turned out to be a ‘beloved’ setting in Chitral.

The young generation has nowadays been witnessed to be highly obsessed with social media promotion mania, and engaged in attracting audience that distracts them to be frivolously engaged in without any reasonable purpose.

They have misunderstood what marketing workers extrapolating their personal and company is not something for students unless they join a profession that demands so. They also keep engaged with some people on social media they have nothing to offer especially for learners.  

 The school/college or university going student must be obsessed with studies, spent time in research on different subjects, and as needed to consult social media platforms with a purpose. But they miss the very opportunity to harness their precious time and use these platforms for learning.

The world continues to be highly competitive. Time demands every learner to be equipped with 21st century competencies and skills which market demands. Their presence on social media platforms is a matter of time that shouldn’t be at the cost of time and learning. Without being distracted and wasting time while optimizing learning and managing social networking sites is also a skill that every learner is to develop.  

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