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Mastuj bridge closed again

MASTUJ: Mastuj bridge is closed again as the river Yarkhun has washed away the kutcha portion of the RCC bridge which was filled with stones and sand over a week ago.

As a result, areas from Mastuj to Shandur and Broghil in Yarkhun valley are cut off.

The bridge was closed on July 10 this year after flooded river swept away the kutcha portion in the middle of the bridge. 

The district administration later managed to fill the gap between the two parts of the bridge with stones and sand and reopened it.

However, as glaciers upstream continued melting due to the persistent heatwave, the volume of water in the river further increased and washed away the kutcha area in the bridge. 

The area people have been demanding that action should be taken against the government officials concerned abd the contractor for poor planning and construction of the bridge in 2006.

Meanwhile, the closure of the bridge has created lots of issues for the people of the area. The affected people called upon the district administration to open an alternative road through the side of Ghoru till reconstruction of the damaged Mastuj bridge.– Karam Ali Saadi


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