Repair of Mastuj bridge begins

Repair of Mastuj bridge begins

MASTUJ: Repair of Mastuj bridge has been started on the direction of the district administration of Upper Chitral. 

Machinery was at the site and the gap between the two portions of the bridge was being filled by boulders and rocks. 

The gap between the two parts of the bridge was filled instead of concreting it when the bridge was constructed in 2006.

This year, the river overflew and washed away the kutcha area, cutting off upper and lower areas at the bridge a few days ago. People commuting between Laspur and Mastuj to Broghil in Yarkhun valley remain cutt off.

People of the area are criticizing the government for the faulty construction of the bridge. The river has also damaged private and public properties in Yarkhun as well as in Lower Chitral due to unprecedented melting of glaciers upstream.–Sher Afgan Raza



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