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Flooding river sweeps away bridge in Yarkhun

Wasum, Sholkoch bridge washed away by Yarkhun river

YARKHUN: The flooding river Yarkhun has swept away a bridge between Sholkoch and Wasum river, locals told ChitralToday.

The bridge connected different villages on both sides of the river such as Sholkoch and Wasum.

The pedestrian bridge had been in poor shape for years abd despite repeated appeal by the locals the government failed to repair it.

Now people of the remote villages have disconnected from each other and from other areas.

The river has already destroyed roads, bridges and private properties from Yarkhun down yo Ayun in Lower Chitral.

The residents of upper Yarkhun called upon the government to reconstruct the bridge on an emergency basis.–Picture by Alamgir Khan.

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