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Yarkhun cut off after flooding in different villages

Yarkhun cut off after flooding in different villages

MASTUJ: Flooding in Pasum Gol between Chinar and Chuinj villages on Tuesday night blocked the main road to Yarkhun. 

The flood also blocked the Yarkhun river for some time, prompting the district administration to issue an alert to people living along the river to evacuate

Rescue 1122 on Wednesday said its staff managed to build a pedestrian bridge to facilitate the local people and those travelling to and from upper areas to reach their destinations.

Villages have seen large scale GLOFs in Upper Chitral  due to melting of glaciers.

Many areas of upper Yarkhun have already been blocked after glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) in Pavur and Sholkoch gols.

Thousands of people returning from the annual Shandur polo festival on July 3 also stranded in Laspur valley after flooding in Shaidas and Harchin nullahs.

Though no help came from the government departments, residents of Laspur extended help and hospitality to a large number of tourists stranded due to the flooding in the area.


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