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Protest against power outages yields result in Drosh

DROSH: People of Drosh on Tuesday blocked the Chitral-Peshawar road and observed a shutter-down strike against prolonged power outages in Drosh.

The protest, as announced earlier, was organized by the nazims forum at Drosh Chowk. 

After the protesters blocked the only  road connecting Chitral with the down districts for hours, Assistant Commissioner Abdul Haq reached the spot and held negotiations with the protesters.

Talking to ChitralToday correspondent in Drosh, Waqar Ahmed, a representative of the forum, said people of Drosh were enduring outages of up to 12 hours and there was no schedule of it.

He said there was no shortage of electricity but due to mismanagement the consumers were suffering in the hot season.

He said despite taking up the issue at different government forums, no one bothered to resolve the power crisis, forcing the residents to launch the protest.

The assistant commissioner along with the officials of PESCO and others later entered into an agreement under which there would by a notified loadshedding of two hours daily in Drosh.

After the agreement, the protesters dispersed and the road was opened.

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