French paraglider missing in Hunza

French paraglider missing in Hunza

GILGIT: A Fren­­ch paraglider who went missing in Hunza district on Saturday could not be found so far.

Xavier Alain, 58, along with two Spanish paragliders, took off from an upper area in the district. The Spanish paragliders landed in Ganish area of Hunza after some time but the Fre­nch paraglider was missing.

A search operation laun­ched to find the missing paraglider has been continuing since Saturday.

An aerial search operation was also con­­­ducted by Pakistan Army’s helicopters on Sun­day. However, there was no trace of the paraglider.

Hunza’s Superintendent of Police Zahoor Ahmed said the area where the Spanish paraglider landed is dangerous. He said the rescuers have been facing difficulty in finding the missing paraglider. 

The paragliders arrived in Hunza on June 30 and stayed in a local hotel.

Personnel of Rescue 1122, police and local volunteers have been taking part in the search operation. 



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