Thousands stranded in Laspur after Shandur festival

Thousands stranded in Laspur after Shandur festival

MASTUJ: Tourists and spectators coming from the annual Shandur festival were stranded at Shaidas and Harchin in Laspur valley due to flooding in the local streams on July 3, 2022. 

One woman from Harchin is feared drowned in the Harchin Gol flood; a vehicle swept away by gushing waters in the stream.  

The stranded travelers also included a large number of government officers from Chitral and Peshawar and women and children. As the alternative road via Gasht was also blocked, the travellers were seen camping on the riverside in Harchin and Gasht and preparing meal for themselves.

While most of the passengers were perturbed over the situation, the nullah flooding did not subside till Sunday night. Machinery had been called to the site but the road cannot be cleared till the floods stopped.

Local people told ChitralToday that the floods had also blocked the flow of Laspur river, endangering their villages.

Meanwhile, the district administration said people living along the two streams at Shaidas and Harchin gave been asked to shift to safer places.

It said officials and staff of the district administration and NHA were at the sites and trying to reopen the road.



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