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Road to Yarkhun washed away by GLOF

Road to Yarkhun washed away by GLOF

BANG (UPPER CHITRAL): The road to Yarkhun valley was on Sunday washed away by a glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) in Sholkoch Gol, local people told ChitralToday on phone.

They said the whole area north of Solkoch up to the Broghil valley on the Afghan border remained cut off. So far, no help has come from any government department to reopen the road.

Road communication has badly been disrupted in Upper Chitral as flash floods and GLOFs in nullahs and streams blocked roads in Laspur, Yarkhun, Mastuj and other areas. Hundreds of people were stranded in Laspur while returning from the Shandur festival due to floods in Shaidas and Harchin.  

The road to Yarkhun from Mastuj has remained un-repaired for years by the government. Local people every year remove debris and boulders that fall on the road on a voluntary basis

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