Khuz, Dewangol road washed away by flooding river

Road to three villages washed away by flooding river

DEWANGOL (UPPER CHITRAL): The road to Khuz lower, upper and Dewangol on the right bank of river Yarkhun has been washed away by the flooding river cutting off link with these villages. 

As a result, thousands of people are completely stranded and unable to move in and out of their areas.

Besides, the river is damaging private properties as its volume is increasing due to the fast melting of glaciers and glacial lake outburst floods in many villages in Yarkhun valley. 

Local people told ChitralToday that they had been requesting the elected representatives and government officials concerned to protect the only road to their villages from river flooding but to no avail.

These three villages are isolated on the right side of the river while the main Yarkhun-Mastuj road passes on the left side and, therefore, the residents daily suffer lots of communication-related hardship.

With the washing away of the only track, the suffering of the residents would increase.

Social media activist Karam Ali Saadi from Dewangol said people of the area were stranded in their villages and facing shortage of essential items.

He appealed to the elected representatives to take notice of the issue on an emergency basis. 



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