Ehsan Ul Haq Jan

RIP – Ehsanul Haq Jan

We are deeply saddened over the passing of Ehsanul Haq Jan of Booni, Upper Chitral, in United States of America (USA). He was 52.

Ehsanul Haq Jan was associated with the UNICEF and had been living in the USA along with his family for the last many years. Earlier, he worked with the AKDN in Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan before joining the UN body.

He leaves behind his parents, wife, five brothers, two sisters and two children – a daughter and a son.

When contacted by ChitralToday, Shamsul Haq Qamar, brother of the late Chitrali development expert, said on phone from the USA that they were returning to  New Jersey from Virginia in their car, driven by Mr Ehsan’s wife, when it met with the accident on a highway in Maryland area. Jan passed away on the spot.

His wife was flown in a police helicopter to a trauma centre at Baltimore with injuries.  Mr Qamar and his wife who were visiting Ehsan were treated for minor injuries in a nearby health centre.

Mr Qamar said a decision about bringing the dead body to Pakistan would be taken later after fulfilling legal formalities.

Meanwhile, Shamiar Khan Lal, the father of the deceased, in a statement in Booni asked relatives, friends and well-wishers living in different parts of Chitral to pray for the departed soul in their areas instead of visiting Booni.

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  1. Jan was a nice friend and made quick rise in his career starting from Chitral and culminating in the UN in USA. He was such a polished persality. His sudden passing has saddened not only his near and dear but all those who even hadn’t met him.
    I pray that Almighty give patience to his family, especially his oarents to cope with it.

  2. Very sad indeed. Equally shocked and devastated by this tragic news. May God bless the beautiful soul eternal peace and all of the family has the courage to bear this loss. This is indeed an irreparable loss for the entire community.

  3. Indeed it is immense loss not only for Chitral but for Pakistan. His sudden loss has created such a vacuum which cant be filled for centuries. He was such a good friend and good human being. He was man of charismatic personality and loved by every one in Chitral.

    Our heartfelt condolences to his entire family members

    We pray that Al-Mighty Allah grant his departed soul eternal peace and give bereaved family to bear this great loss. Ameen

    1. Very sad indeed for the family….was he engaged with Unisef at individual level or àssigned a job by the govt of Pakistan?. A matter of great pride for us if he represented the country. We are sorry for his untimely departure. While using the highway in USA he should not have allowed his wife to take control of the driving seat….women are weak by nature you know. They can not handle emergency situations…….a very precious life was lost.

  4. Such a tragic end to the life of a young man with lots of hopes for himself and scores of his near and dear ones. May Allah grant patience to his family in these testing times.

  5. We have lost a very gentle, humble and obedient son and the grief can’t be expressed in words. We pray to Allah for His blessings to the departed soul and strength to Lal Shamsyar Khan and Kai, his spouse, Children and his loving brothers and sisters and Uncles and the whole extended family to bear this big shock and irreparable loss of such a beloved person. Ameen!

  6. We are shattered by this tragedy😥. Dear Jan lal, you were one of a kind; so humble, intelligent, full of life and a true inspiration. My heartfelt condolences to the entire family.
    May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.

  7. Indeed its a vary sad news ,we pray to Almighty Allah for his soul may rest in eternal peace Ameen. Our good wishes and prayers with all family members here in New Jersey and Booni Chitral as well. Mohtaram late Jan was a lovely humble gentleman .Our last get together was just a month ago at his residence New Jersey. Un ky Behtareen Mehmannawazi aur Adab ka may ta hayat Maqrooz harun gha.Hamay Agli Mulaqat July 3 ko tay paya tha jo ky Allah ko manzoor nahi tha. ALLAH KY HAN DAST BA DAU HY ALLAH PAK UN KO JAANT E FIRDAUS MAY ALA MUQAM ATA KARY AMEEN. WE ALSO PRAY FOR QUICK RECOVERY OF ALL INJURED INDIVIDUAL.

  8. ہاے مہ شیرن لال روش اسپہ حیران کوری باغئو اللہ پاک ھاتئے جہانو تاتئے گل گلزار کورار ۔تہ شیلی روحت ہامشو سکون نصیب کورار وا تمام دورو رویانتے صبر کوریکو حوصلہ دیار امین

  9. This is a very sad news, for me in particular. We spent memorable time at AKRSP in Gilgit during 1996-97. I lost my best friend. May almighty Allah SWT rest his soul in peace and give strength to the family bear this irreparable loss. Ameen!

  10. Very sad indeed. To be snatched away in the prime of your life, when you could have contributed so much to the society, especially hurts. May Allah bless him and give his family the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

  11. An unbelievable sad news for all of us. May Allah Almighty give courage to the family to bear this tragedy and rest the departed soul in eternal peace. Ameen.

  12. What a tragic news. I feel devastated to have lost such a sincere friend and good human being. Thia is an irreparable loss the magnitude of which can not be described in words. Our heartfelt condolances to his entire family. May Allah grant the courage and fortitude to bear this big loss. We all feel devastated. My request to Qamar to compose himself and take responsibility of every thing at this testibg movements and accept this as the will of God.. Our friends in the US will come forward to help him.
    Dear Ehsan we lost you so soon and good bye forever. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

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