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Deuser village lacks basic facilities of life

CHITRAL: Deuser village is located in the remote valley of upper Yarkhun in the district of Upper Chitral.

The small village lacks basic facilities and the residents are faced with great hardships due to negligence on the part of the government. 

The residents of Deuser village complained that they were faced with a host of problems, including dilapidated roads, crumbling bridges on seasonal streams, non-existence of a healthcare and education system in their area.

They said the successive governments had ignored them after getting votes from them during elections for national and provincial assemblies as well as local governments.

The roads and bridges were in such rundown condition that they could not send their children to schools for fear of any untoward incident to them.

The residents are also confronted with great hardships while shifting patients and injured, particularly women, to hospitals in case of emergencies.

The elders of the village appealed to the district administration and provincial government, including Special Assistant to Chief Minister Wazir Zada, and Member Provincial Assembly Hidayatur Rahman to take notice of their plights and take practical steps for improving the infrastructure to facilitate the residents in the remote village.

Meanwhile, the residents have started building a link bridge on a self-help basis.

“We have been cut off from the rest of the district and had no other option but to build a pedestrian bridge on a self-help basis,” said Hafas Ali, a local resident.

Wazir Panah, another local activist, urged the government to build a jeepable bridge for the area.–The News 

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    یہ تصویر لغل آباد اور
    پترانگاز کی ہے ۔ مہربانی کرکے دیوسیر کی تصویر لگائی جائے

  2. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    دیوسیر کے عوام مشکلات کا شکار ہیں۔ بنیادی سہولت کے نام سے صرف ایک پرائمری اسکول ہے ۔ صحت اور آمدورفت کی
    سہولت میسر نہیں ان کی ہر شکایت درست ہے۔ عام طور پر وادی یارخون اور خاص طور پر دیوسیر حکومت کی توجہ سے ہر زمانہ محروم رہے ہیں گویا یہ اس ملک کے عوام ہی نہیں۔ مزید احساس محرومی سے عوام کو بچایا جائے ۔

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