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NADRA office in Garam Chashma restored

NADRA office in Garam Chashma restored

CHITRAL: The restoration of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office in Garam Chashma has been approved by the authorities in Islamabad.

According to MNA Molana Abdul Akbar, the closure of the NADRA office a few months ago had caused immense hardship to the people of the Garam Chashma valley.

Last month, he added, he took up the issue with the chairman of NADRA who ordered its restoration.

A communication issued from the headquarters of NADRA in Islamabad stated that the competent authority has approved the shifting of the NRC office from the current gratis building to the newly proposed gratis building owned by the C&W department.

It may be noted that NADRA has opened regional registration centres in different parts of Chitral to facilitate people in making and renewing national identity cards and other certificates.

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