Six drug sellers sent to Bannu jail: DC

CHITRAL: Six drug sellers have been arrested and sent to the district jail of Bannu for 30 days under the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) ordinance, said the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral on Friday.

DC Lower Chitral Anwarul Haq in Golen valley
Anwarul Haq

The DC, Mr Anwarul Haq, said that his office had issued a notification to keep the six drug peddlers under judicial remand on June 16, 2022. 

These six persons are: Asifur Rehman, son of Abdur Rehman, resident of Darkhanan Deh, Ayun; Saifuddin, son of Najmuddin, resident of Mirden, Gabor, Lotkoh; Fazal Elahi, son of Mehboob Khan of Seen; Sher Baz, son of Haji Khan, resident of Gahiret; Shahabuddin, son of Khan, resident of Khotek of Parabeg, and Mujibur Rehman, son of Noor Wali Khan, resident of Orghoch.

The DC said cleansing the district of drugs was his top priority to save the young generation from the menace of addiction.

He appealed to the citizens to help the administration in bringing all such anti-social elements to book.

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  1. There must be some reason for sending these six persons to jail for 30 days otherwise they should rot in prison for their life if they are involved in the crime. i am also unable to understand why a known drug seller is picked up under MPO.

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