Community schools teachers protest

Community girl schools’ teachers restart protest

PESHAWAR: Scores of community-based girl schools’ teachers held another protest here and urged the provincial government to immediately regularize their services.

Addressing the protest rally outside Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, the community girl schools’ teachers said due to the lack of job security and low pays their family and social life had been in great financial and mental distress for years.

“We have been working on a small fixed salary since 2014. We are paying school rent, electricity bills and other expenses out of our own pockets.”

The community schools are functioning under the provincial government. At present, there are 2,270 schools in the province. There are about 136,650 students in these schools out of which 8,600 are girls, they said!

The performance of these schools is in front of everyone and the KP government, education department and other government agencies appreciate these community school teachers, they claimed.

“We demand the provincial government to include a separate budget for these schools in the forthcoming budget scheme,” the protesters added. It may be noted that out these government schools, about 70 are functioning across Chitral.

Their teachers have also held protests for many years against low pays and absence of job security and non-payment of salaries on time.–Muhammad Irshadullah 



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