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Suspension bridge poses threat to pedestrians

CHITRAL: A wooden bridge connecting Parwak and Meragram No 1 villages in Upper Chitral urgently needs repair/reconstruction.

Local people told ChitralToday that the bridge was used by people living on both sides of the river, especially schoolchildren.

Due to lack of maintenance and repair work, the bridge has been in a dilapidated condition for long. Most of the wooden railings on the bridge have disappeared, making it more dangerous for travellers especially in a windy weather. 

The local residents called upon the district administration of Upper Chitral to take notice and order the department concerned to repair the bridge before it collapses.

It may be noted that a number of lives have been lost when bridges in different parts of Chitral collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

A number of bridges in Chitral were washed away or damaged by floods in 2015 and most of them have not yet been reconstructed. 


[Picture by Aziz Hussain].


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