People of Reshun block Mastuj road

Affected people of Reshun block Mastuj road

[Picture: Facebook page of The People of Reshun]

RESHUN: People of Shader Reshun whose land is being used as an alternative to the Chitral-Mastuj road after its erosion by the river last year have blocked the road for non-payment of compensation.

When the road along with a large part of the scenic village was washed away by the river in the summer last year, the whole upper Chitral was cut off.

In order to restore traffic between the two districts, the local administration made an alternative road via private land destroying crops and orchards of the villagers. The owners were told that they would be paid compensation for the losses.

However, later they were handed cheques for just Rs100,000 each with the promise of full payment according to the value of the land and fruit trees and crops very soon.

Upon their protest in January this year, the district administration had given them assurance in writing that their due compensation would be cleared soon.

The affected people on Monday blocked the road after the government failed to keep its words.

They said on the one hand the river washed away private land and houses and on the other many more people were made to suffer by diverting the road through their land and even courtyards of houses permanently.

They said the protest would continue till payment of full compensation to the affected people.



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  1. They have genuine demands and govt should pay them compensation bcoz they are still suffering due to continuous traffic on their land and in front of their houses affecting their privacy.

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