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Car impounded after recovery of charas

Car impounded after recovery of charas

DROSH: Drosh police impounded a car after recovering one kg drugs from it on Saturday.

Sources told ChitralToday that the vehicle belonging to a local political leader was coming to Drosh from Chitral town when the police tried to stop it.

However, its driver abruptly turned back towards Chitral and in a rash to flee the car collided with a motorbike rider and injured him. The driver of the vehicle, however, managed to flee, leaving the car on the main road.

Police impounded the car and recovered one kg charas from it and lodged an FIR against the driver, a resident of Wardhap, Drosh.

The sources in the police said after the incident the political leader unsuccessfully tried to pressure police not to register an FIR against his driver.

It has been learned that the owner of the car has succeeded in getting bail before arrest of his driver from court.

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