Lecturer arrested for beating, detaining wife

CHITRAL:  A lecturer was arrested on the complaint of his wife for beating and detaining her at home for two days, according to police documents available with ChitralToday.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the woman approached the police and complained that she is a lecturer at a college for girls and her husband is also a lecturer at a boys’ college.

She said on April 12 she asked her husband to bring cerelac for their child from the market which he refused. Later, at Iftar, she added, he exchanged harsh words with her and then started threatening her with dire consequences.

She said her husband then attacked her with punches and kicks, injuring her on both eyes and nose.

She alleged that her husband also detained her in the house and did not allow her even to go to her college for two days.

“After two days, I managed to come out and called my brother and reached the police station to lodge a complaint seeking legal action against my husband,” she added.

The police took the complainant to hospital where after an examination the injuries and bruises were confirmed.

On the basis of the complaint and medical report, the police registered a case under section 504, 506, 509 and 342 of Pakistan Penal Code and arrested the man.


10 Replies to “Lecturer arrested for beating, detaining wife”

  1. We don’t know the whole story yet but still, domestic violence is inhuman and should be punishable by law. This incident also tells us that Education alone is not the solution; a change of mindset is. Here comes into play the old tested and proven element of a child’s growth- upbringing (Tarbiyat). Education and upbringing (Tarbiyat) go hand in hand with each other; both are equally important. The social change advocates; the community leaders, the schools, colleges and universities, and the intelligentsia can work together to change people’s mindset about women.

  2. This issue should not have been carried by if the police had taken action against the perpetrator to bring him to book. This will disparage the soft and beautiful image of Chitral as the people of Chitral are known for their good behaviour, softness of disposition and high cultural values.

    1. High cultural values aside, people of Chitral are also known for domestic violence and marrying off their minor daughters to outsiders and elderly men.

  3. According to Prof Rahmat Karim Baig, ” now the wife has snatched the powers and minimized the role of her husband”. “Institution of Patriarchy loosing it’s status in Chitral”, dated 10/12/2021, Chitral Today.

  4. I really take pity oh her. It is very unfortunate that women in chital are treated like animals. Keeping someone in lockup a serious offense. We request the court to punish the culprit so that rest of people like him learn hard lesson. How we expect from him to teach the nation.

  5. I think this case will be compromised in the name of honor .And the culprit would be forgiven .
    But we salute to brave woman who stood up to seek legal justice .

  6. One major factor behind rising suicides among women in Chitral is domestic violence that goes unreported by victims.
    This case in hand shows a changing trend being made by an educated woman who reported the issue to police. Silently bearing harassment and violence is dangerous and emboldens the perpetrator finally forcing the victim to end his/her life.

  7. What a pity being highly educated and associated with a honorable profession the lecturer had manifested brutality. This kind of behavior earns bad name to the teachers circle. Our religion teaches to keep balance in every sphere of life. Good and loveable relationship between espouses is very important. We can suggest to compound on the case with a pledge of smooth relationship between them. However, we have sympathy with the wife as she is weak and the teachings of the prophet’s peace be upon him support for a lenient treatment with the women folk.

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