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Unusual hot weather causes melting of snow, flash flooding

YARKHUN: An unprecedented hot weather in March-April has led to melting of snow on mountains causing flash flooding in different parts of the Yarkhun valley, ChitralToday has learnt.

On Thursday, the road between upper Yarkhun and other areas was blocked at Sholkoch village due to flooding in a nullah. In many other villages, the volume of water in streams that are the sources of water for drinking and irrigation purposes has reached the level seen in May and June in routine.

Local people told ChitralToday that this winter there was no heavy snowfall on mountains and areas depending on water of streams fed by snow rather than glaciers were already at the danger of facing water shortage.

To further compound the situation, the small amount of snow on the mountains has almost melted due to the heatwave even before the middle of April. An elderly resident Yarkhun Lasht said he had never seen in his life such a dry and hot weather in March and April and flooding in streams before May or June. 

There will be an acute shortage of water in areas dependent on small streams and heavy flash flooding in villages under glaciers, an environment expert told ChitralToday.

All these are results of climate change which would have devastating impact on the life of the mountain communities not only in Chitral but also Gilgit-Baltistan, he added. 


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