Pride of Performance award goes to legendary polo player

Pride of Performance award for ‘polo king’

Muhammad Irshadullah

PESHAWAR: The government of Pakistan bestowed the Pride of Performance Award on legendary polo player Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk.

The award was given to the ‘polo king’ by KP Governor Shah Farman on behalf of the president of Pakistan at a ceremony held at the Governor House Peshawar on Pakistan Day.
Shahzada Sikandar played an important role in promoting freestyle polo at the regional level. Young players consider Shahzada Sikandar as their role model and mentor. 

Associated with freestyle polo since his childhood, Shahzada Sikandar is popularly known as King of Polo in Chitral.

Playing freestyle polo for the last 30 years, Sikandar has made Chitral polo team undefeatable against its arch-rival Gilgit-Baltistan, recording eight consecutive wins of the Shandur Polo Cup.

“Polo is in my blood and I can’t live without this game,” he would tell the foreign and domestic media after winning the Shandur polo cup at the world’s highest polo ground.

Recognizing his dedication to the sport, he was finally nominated for the prestigious award on Aug 14, 2021. Besides polo, Shahzada Sikandar is also known as a social worker and political leader.


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