Flurry of political activity in Chitral

Flurry of political activity in Chitral

Muhammad Ghaffar (Gasht, Laspur)

As soon as the schedule for the second phase of the local elections in KP was announced, candidates of different political parties mobilized their supporters to strengthen their position. On the other hand, independent candidates have also hurried to the ground to show their political leverage.

Moreover, the PTI government is also under pressure after its checkmate in the first phase of the election in KP. Similarly, it would also be challenging for the opposition to attenuate more pressure on PTI. It seems to be foremost predilection of opposition parties now to take benefit of it by a bitter attack with decisive roar.

As the opposition parties have gathered for a vote on no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan, a silent roaring disturbance has mobilized the PTI government differently. With the allies, several lawmakers of PTI, who had been in hiding at the Sindh House in Islamabad, came in the open, furthermore increasing the anxiety of the ruling government.

Although Imran Khan’s government has claimed that there is no pressure of political parties on it but it seems rather ambiguous as he has visited Chaudhry brothers in their farmhouse, called Jehangir Tareen and started mass contact programs to decrease the pressure on him. His decision to cut fuel and electricity charges seems as there is a huge pressure on PTI government on all around.

Like the first phase of the election in KP, the PTI in Chitral once again failed to unify its workers in the distribution of tickets. Those who have not been convinced decided to take part independently. It was the basic reason of PTI’s loss in the first phase and repeating of such a mistake can lead the party to loss even the general election.

It’s ok with the PTl but the question that the huge crowd of independent candidates hurried to take part in this local election shows they have become tired of the parties or have remained behind in the distribution of tickets. Might they think, taking part independently can help them make attention from all sides?

If it is distribution of the tickets, which is a problem with PTI, there are VCs where candidates have denied tickets by other parties. They might have assumed the scrutinized parties as denigrated and believed taking part independently could be more influential domain in public.

So Chitral is a district of two uncertain divisions with mixed political thoughts. Where if the feudal system does not mark but the religious tools and nepotistic approach make it a battleground where but to think is full of sorrow. Keeping these two approaches, both sides of the candidates have started their political campaigns. They have started to hold on their relatives, friends, comrades through these forced approaches. So in such a venerable circumstance it would be a pathetic point for a common person to evade from such political temperature.

Chiral also seems to enter a new era of political history with the access to 4G network, which role ever  help in promulgation of the candidate’s approaches to their concern thought. Every day it can be seen in the social media especially Facebook and Whatsapp the worm sperm of the candidates and their supporters, pictures of the participants’slogans with Urdu quoted poetry and exchange of words among opponent and their devoted supporter. This shows that, it would have a strong impact on the socio-political history of the region.

The provocation which is going on in the social media against each other would ostensibly have impact on over the long lasting peace prosperity of the region. In the small region due to fundamental needs and much more closed brotherhood; people are dependent on each other and know each other very closely. So the election has to come after every year or early but the accusations, hatred, disliking and words that are being used for each other in social media, would always be remained there.

It is not bad, to take part in election with good deeds, to campaign with the good political manifestos. Through good deeds and manifestos one can change the world, can eliminate human suffering and can maintain peace and tranquility in society.But it seems rather dirty and awkward, in a region with closest acquaintance, when the politicians and their devoted supporters let off irresponsible words at each other.

Therefore, being a responsible citizen, reading the situation and using the words correctly and what would the impact of all these be on the society, are very important for each. Everyone better knows what he thinks, what he does and what his responsibility is. Life is limited on this earth. It is mortal but can be made immortal through good deeds, morality and responsibility. These are the legacies with which a society can be upheld for the coming generation.










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