Education quality deteriorating at university: Jamil Chitrali

Education quality deteriorating at university: PUTA chief

Muhammad Irshadullah 

PESHAWAR: Peshawar University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) president Jamil Ahmed Chitrali on Thursday said the University Act and provincial laws were being violated by the management of the university. 

The administrative and teaching work is being carried out through ad hoc appointments at University of Peshawar. As a result, anxiety among students is increasing day by day and the education quality is deteriorating, he told a press conference here.

He also said retired employees of the university had been deprived of the10pc increase the government had announced for all its current and former employees.

Dr Chitrali further said that the vice chancellor of the university was involved in financial and corruption and abusing his powers while employees were being professionally harassed and ridiculed by him. 

He said the provincial and federal finance bills 2021 and house relocation and subsidy given to the employees of the university should to be implemented. The quality of education is deteriorating day by day due to workload on teachers. 

These problems need to be addressed. If these issues are not taken seriously, we will be forced to protest, including boycotting classes. 

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