Imran, Putin reaffirm gas pipeline project

The romance between Islamabad & Moscow

Sarwar Kamal

Prime Minister Imran Khan landed at Moscow on a two-day official visit to Russia at a crucial time when Russian President Vladimir Putin had just ordered and initiated a major military operation against its neighboring Ukraine.

Russia wants to stop Ukraine from EU membership due to its security concerns. Moscow fears that Ukraine will be used against it by the West thus posing great threats to its territorial integrity and security. The visit of Imran Khan was under the microscope, focus, attention and limelight of the world media due to the present scenario, especially the timing of his visit was very important and meaningful.

Although this visit was scheduled before, it seems at last we have learnt some harsh lesson from our past mistakes. Now we are witnessing a pragmatic and a paradigm shift in our foreign policy as far as this latest romance between the two countries is concerned.

Both internal and external pro-western lobbies were trying their best to get the visit postponed and at the same time were demanding from Pakistan that in the UN we should denounce the Russian action and should term it an aggression against Ukraine.

Pakistan’s response in the UN was very logical and neutral. Imran Khan played a master stroke by continuing its visit to Moscow during this high volatile phase.

Our relationship with the USA dates back to the birth of Pakistan. We were in CENTO with them. We were given a status of a non-NATO ally, and similarly we were the frontline state in the war against terrorism. During the cold war, we stood firm against the Soviet as far its communist dream of expansion was considered. While on the contrary, there is a long and painful history of American betrayal.

During the war against terror, we lost an estimated 90,000 lives and 120 billion dollar damages. Instead of rewarding our sacrifices there was a slogan of “DO MORE” and now for the first time Pakistan is saying to the world “NO MORE”.

The Russian federation is still the most destructive and formidable military power on earth. It has the largest oil and gas resources on earth. Russia is the largest supplier of gas to the EU. I am very optimistic that our ties with Russia will be more beneficial and fruitful compared to the West.

We are an energy deficient country and Russia can meet our energy requirements and demands. Now we should play our cards very smartly. Corporation with regional powers ie China and Russia is Paramount as far as our presence and importance in the world politics is concerned. Otherwise India is adopting a policy of isolation of Pakistan in the world. In future our relationship with Russia will be more strengthen and perhaps there will be a soft corner of Russia as far as our FATF and Kashmir issues are concerned.


6 Replies to “The romance between Islamabad & Moscow”

  1. Neutrality, it is easy to launch a verbal attack on the US to gain public support but not to in diplomacy especially when you have to knock the door of lenders dominated by western countries for your economic survival. Imran Khan does not know local politics and to expect him to put the country in positive spotlight and at a bargaining position is like making a castle in the air.

    Time will tell how Pakistan can maintain its position especially when its rulers have all their interests linked with the West.

    Imtiaz Booni

  2. A very nice and timely writeup about the current prospect of global politics. I totally endorse the opinion of the writer that the policy of neutrality suit us as far as the enimity between the west and Russia is concerned. We should safeguard our interests.

  3. A very important and timely writeup in the prospect of the current global big powers politics. I totally endorse the writer opinion that our neutral policy will suit us as far as the eminity between Russia and the West is concerned. There is a sense of American betrayal amongst the masses in Pakistan. Our policy makers should respect public resentment in this regard.

  4. Beautiful writeup. Yes indeed Pakistan is redefining its strategy,priorities and foreign policy.The policy of neutrality suits us.

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