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Hatred forces Kalash community to hide their identities

Mayur Dana Kalash (Friday Times)

In Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), there are three small valleys inhabited by the Kalash tribe: Biriu (Birir), Rukmo (Rambor) and Mumorete (Bumborate). According to locals and researchers, approximately 3,000 to 4,000 Kalasha live here. Known as one of the world’s oldest cultures, the Kalasha have a unique lifestyle.

Regarding the origins of the Kalasha community, there are two main theories. Chitral is divided into two major ethnic groups, the Kho and the Kalasha. Khos are Sunni Muslims and Ismaili Muslims. The Kalasha follow their own traditions and beliefs. Chitral was dominated by the Kalasha tribe in the 1900s.

The Kalasha culture has constantly evolved along with its surroundings and is famous for its unique way of life. The traditional female dress includes a black robe and embroidered long cap decorated with seashells, ornaments, and beads. This dress style is still popular among local women despite the availability of a variety of modern clothing. In Kalasha culture, there are no regular prayer like in Islam, Christianity, or other religions.

This small community of Kalash tolerates regular derogatory remarks. ‘Life is too short; you are going to hell soon’, they are told.

Militant attacks on the ‘Kalasha’

The Kalasha have faced forced conversions, migrations and climate change. Some Muslims dismiss the Kalasha community because they think they do not believe in God and worship idols. The Kalash do believe in God: ‘Khodai’ (the Persian word for Allah) or ‘Dezao,’ the creator who is honoured everywhere.

This small community of Kalash tolerates derogatory remarks in their daily life. ‘Life is too short; you are going to hell soon’, they are told. The first government leader to prioritise the Kalash people was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He took steps towards the community’s welfare, thereby reducing poverty levels in the Kalash valleys and allowing them to maintain their unique culture free from economic constraints.

In the past few years, about 100 members of the Kalasha community have converted to Islam. In August 2012, militants from the Nuristan Province of Afghanistan broke into the Bumburet Valley, killing a Kalasha shepherd, and stealing 200 goats. A video from 2014 showed the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) calling on Sunnis to support their cause against the Kalasha.

Forced conversions of girls: A matter of concern for Kalashas

In 2016, it was reported that Reena, a 14-year-old Kalash girl, converted to Islam and had chosen to live with a Muslim family. However, when she went back to her parent’s home, she complained about being forced to convert. Muslim neighbours were enraged and attacked the Kalash’s homes. Both parties agreed to respect the girl’s wishes following an intervention from authorities. The matter was ultimately resolved when the girl deposed before a magistrate that she had adopted Islam by her own free will, and her family accepted her choice. The Diplomat reported in 2018 that “unwilling conversions and cajoled marriages with non-Kalasha are among the immediate threats facing the community.”

In 1895, local history has it that Amir Abdurrahman, an Afghan ruler, conquered the area and ordered a five-day general slaughter of the Kalasha. He demolished and burnt all the forts and great towns and forced inhabitants to convert to Islam.  Some people recount this event with pride. One of my friends Khatija Noor*, recently shared her experience about indirect, forced conversion, “A few days back, I met a man who was very proud to be a relative of Amir Abdur Rehman from Afghanistan, and he was very excited to tell me how Amir Abdur Rehman converted the red kafirs and killed those who refused. I was not able to sleep the entire night. How could someone be proud of the cruelty he advised me to convert to Islam? And he also questions my education that I do not count as educated if I am still Kalash and threatens me about my after-death life. I was surprised that most of the time, people are concerned about my grave punishment.”

In an interview in February 2022, another Kalasha woman, Bahar Bano* said, “indirect force is more dangerous; it kills the culture silently. Our children are going to school to learn more about other religions than Kalash. It’s our fault we never taught our kids about our religion. Kalashas protect Kalasha; nobody can do it for us”.

Furthermore, a young female student from the Kalasha community told me, “I hide my identity because people dislike Kalashas, especially Muslims.”

In another interview with a senior lady from Birir valley Gul Bahar*, she shared her own family story of how her daughter and mother were converted to Islam. She explained with a heavy heart, “Muslim neighbours convinced my mother if she becomes Muslim, she may find peace and will never become ill again, my mother was manipulated for the sake of her health, but now after converting to Islam, she is more ill and more depressed, those who converted her never ask about her health.”

When asked her about her daughter, she said, “I came to know that my daughter is involved in an affair with a Muslim boy and I asked her don’t do this, and in response, she shouted at me and asked where is our holy book? What religion are we following? There is no holy book; there is no daily prayer. I was speechless and had no idea how to control her. Finally, she left me and eloped with the Muslim man. Such situations make us insecure and worried about our culture”.


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  1. I am extremely bothered by the fact that illiterate-Mullafied Muslims have maligned Islam as no one before. Islam means peace; it is anything but war and suppression. It is a deen of pluralism and tolerance. Let me assure and I am sure all who understand the true spirit of Islam, will agree too that those who propagate violence in the name of this religion have nothing to do with Allah, The Final Prophet (SAW), or Quran. They are cowards whose ignorance is compelling them to violence, mostly owing to economic & political motives.

    The Islam majority of Muslims follow is against the concept of forced conversions:
    “There is no compulsion in Religion.” Quran (2:256)

    Our Allah calls Himself Rab Ul Alameen (The God of All beings) and names His Final Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Rehmat ul lil alameen (One who is a blessing for all- not only Muslims.

    Additionally, Quran allows only defensive wars i.e. when you are invaded or suppressed. In that case too, Muslims are not allowed to plunder, kill women or children or unarmed civilians. They are ordained against pillage and depiction of aggression. Let alone Human beings, Muslims does not even allow the destruction of crops or vegetation.

    “Islam allows war in self-defense (Qur’an 22:39), to defend Islam (rather than to spread it), to protect those who have been removed from their homes by force because they are Muslims (Qur’an 22:40), and to protect the innocent who are being oppressed (Qur’an 4:75).”

    “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not commit aggression, for God loves not aggressors.” Quran (2:190)

    In short, those who do the things you mentioned, do not actually understand the true spirit of Islam. They are cowards and it is them, whose actions spread Islamophobia. It is them, whose actions made us all suffer.
    First verse of Islam was “Iqra”, which means ‘Read’. They can kills but would never read or understand!

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