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The defenders of frontiers

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

Pakistan is our mother land. It came into existence before we had seen the light of the day. From that time onward it is surrounded by anti Pakistan elements. There was a ‘Sindhu Desh’ cry and ‘Pakhtoonistan’ slogan by insiders and outsiders. We have listened to their voices against our solidarity. 

We have seen their write ups in News papers. We have seen their pamphlets and wall chalking. The insiders did more harm to our integrity and they sowed seeds of hatred among the members of their tribes and communities but they have left the scene and left behind the germs of hatred to their posterity who gain support and cash balances for their nefarious acts in various parts of the country.

I have read a comment on one of my articles where the critic has recorded his feelings against one of the prestigious Institutions of our mother land.  He tried to speak much but kept his tongue for fear. I don’t know why our young generation is being taught on those rubbish material which could bring rift to the solidarity of the country. We are not Pathans, Sindhis, Punjabis, Baluchis or of any other denomination but are Pakistanis and will remain so to the end. The disparity in our social ranks is manmade. We as civil society and civil administration have failed to give the country a clean system- free of corruption. We have mismanaged our governance. The credit of all the corruption goes to the politicians and the civil bureaucracy. The have – nots did not loot or sabotaged the economy of the country but the politicians and bureaucrats did to the best of their powers. I disbelieve in the honesty and integrity of the politicians of any cadre. They have been the destroyers not the builders. Right from the death of Liaqat Ali Khan all the vicissitudes in the high echelons of power politics nobody did any good,  finally bringing the country to the brink of the crater with onerous burden of loans from IMF. All the living and dead politicians are responsible for the unpayable burden of loans. No one is clean.

 The country as hinted in the beginning has been hemmed in by hostile governments and has faced aggression many times. The Armed Forces of Pakistan have to guard 2650km long Pak-Afghan border, 700 km long Pak-Iran border and 2240km long border with our enemy of the infant days of Pakistan. These borders are – all of them- hard areas and the Defence Forces have been suffering deadly losses. Thousands have rendered their lives for the defence of the mother land. Soldiers, Rangers, Police, Levies, FC personal die every other day. They kill an equal or more number of miscreants, dissidents, terrorists, abductors, dacoits, militants and even those who challenge writ of the State on the basis of creed. The Pak Army is the custodian of the land and deserves to be appreciated for their sacrifices but those who have ill feelings against  State Organs should also look  at the sacrifices made by them each month. We must be proud of our Army and the leadership that has eliminated the looming threat of wide scale terrorism from our mother land. How can one forget the Army School massacre, the Swat disturbances and beheading of people at the bazaar of Mingora and the army operation to clean the territory of Swat from the terrorist and did not quite successfully and scores of other bloody incidents.

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