Local govt elections in KP from Dec 19: ECP

12 vying for tehsil council Mastuj top slot

BOONI: As many as 12 candidates from different political parties and independents have filed their nomination papers for the slot of chairman tehsil council Mastuj, according to a list released by the returning officer in Booni.

The candidates are as follow:

Muhammad Pervez, Ahmed Wali Shah, Amirullah, Fazlur Rehman, Muhammad Wazir Khan, Muhsin Hayat, Sardar Hakim Khan, Suhrawardi Khan Yaftali, Syed Amir Hussain Shah, Syed Nasir Ali Shah, Zahid Ali Akbar and Zar Bahar.

One Reply to “12 vying for tehsil council Mastuj top slot”

  1. No future of Muhammad Pervez. Ahmed Wali Shah exists nowhere. Same is the case with Fazlur Rehman. Muhammad Wazir Khan is simply wasting his time despite knowing that he could hardly get some 50-60 votes in his native village Gazeen. He will not get a single anywhere else. Muhsin Hayat should better concentrate on singing as that’s the only job which he can do slightly better.

    The problem with Suharwardi Khan Yaftali is that he thinks the Lasprik can vote for him. IMPOSSIBLE! So mark my words he is going to end up in a humiliating defeat. Amir Hussain Shah exists nowhere. And same is the case with Syed Nasir Ali Shah and Zahid Ali Akbar. Zar Bahar from Unauch is again building castle in the air.

    With all this Amirullah of PPP is destined to meet a major upset as he is NOT going to get the votes he is has been dreaming about. The only candidate which may merge with a slight lead is no other than Sardar Hakim. Not a bad choice if he wins. Good luck buddy!

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