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Longtime Jiala Pervez Lal quits PPP to join PML-N

BOONI: In a major setback to the PPP before the forthcoming local government elections, longtime PPP activist and Jiala Muhammad Pervez Lal has decided to quit the party and join the PML-N.

Talking to ChitralToday, Pervez Lal said he had taken the decision due to the undemocratic decisions within the party and allocation of tickets for the LG polls without considering merit.

He said he always worked for the cause of democracy and strengthened the party when it was passing through the most difficult times of its history.

But a group of people has developed monopoly in the party’s decision making level and was promoting nepotism and personal interests against all democratic values. The allocation of tickets for the LG polls exposed the group, he added. 

Pervez Lal said he along with his like-minded political activists decided to leave the PPP and join the PML-N and would contest the local government elections from its platform.

Sources in the PML-N told ChitralToday that the party’s provincial leadership had welcomed Perevez Lal into the party and approved allocation of ticket to him for the slot of tehsil nazim Mastuj.


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  1. Sultan says

    Good and timely decision to part ways with party of Zardari and co. PML-N is the only party fighting for civilian supremacy and rule of law in Pakistan. Moreover, PML-N did record work in Chitral like electricity in town and completion of Lowari tunnel.

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