Petition against govt employees from Upper Chitral dismissed

MINGORA (SWAT): A petition filed against government employees from Upper Chitral who are working in Lower Chitral after bifurcation of Chitral into two districts has been dismissed by Peshawar High Court Mingora bench as non-maintainable.

Amirul Mulk and others in their petition had maintained that the employees working in Lower Chitral even after the setting of the new district of Upper Chitral should be sent back to their new district.

the counsel for the defendants, Rahimullah Chitrali, however contended that it was an administrative issue and the court had nothing to do with it. He also cited a judgement of Sindh High Court in this regard.

After hearing his arguments, the court dismissed the petition as non-maintainable and sent back the case to the administration to take a decision. 

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