Wildlife dept initiates action against youth for catching, feeding fox


BOONI: The wildlife department has initiated legal action against a man after he uploaded a video to the social media showing him feeding a fox that he had caught after the animal entered the premises of his house in search of food during the heavy snowfall on Jan 7. 

Fox caught in Reshun, releasedA challan prepared by a wildlife watcher at Reshun stated that Niat Jan, son of Dehqan Jan, of Greenlasht caught a fox alive and tied it with a rope and posted its video on social media. This is open violation of the Wildlife Act 2015, it added.

Therefore, challan is being submitted for legal action against the accused for his cruelty with the wild animal.

However, netizens condemned the move and asked the department to withdraw the case against the man. They said Niat Jan did not harm the fox rather out of compassion he kept it at his home and fed the animal before releasing it.

Talking to ChitralToday, Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam leader Pervez Lal termed the move by the wildlife department unjustified and absurd. He said the department had failed to discharge its duty of protecting the wildlife.

He said the department should avoid misusing the law to harass the youth who did not harm any wildlife.

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  1. Zhano Yar Khan says

    Wildlife departmen personnel nothing accusing the young man. But the accuser doing nothing he is showing himself that he is just present in the area. He has been informed when this had viraled. Otherwise he is don’t know about it.

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