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Reshun residents block road, end protest after assurance

Reshun residents block road

RESHUN: People of Reshun in Upper Chitral have blocked the road between the two districts asking govt to fulfil their demands, including payment of compensation to those whose land has been used as an alternative to the road after its erosion at Shader area last year.

The affected people said their land, houses and fruit trees were affected after the road was divertedto restore traffic after the Chitral-Mastuj road was washed away at Shader in Reshun last year.

Despite promises, the affected people have not been paid compensation even though the road still passes through their agricultural land.

Later, the protesters ended their sit-in and road blockade after tehsildar Meraj Alam on behalf of the the district administration in writing assured them that people whose land was used as an alternative to the portion of Chitral-Mastuj road in Shader area would be paid compensation within a month.–Sher Afgan

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