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Snow leopard kills five goats in Upper Chitral, says owner

CHITRAL: Five goats were found killed by what the owner said a snow leopard in Chinar village of Upper Chitral on Thursday night.

Syed Anwar told ChitralToday correspondent on phone from Chinar that the snow leopard killed his five goats and also injured two others.

Snow leopards and wolves usually descend to human settlements in the winter in search of food and attack animals in private pens.

In January 2021, a young man was attacked and injured by a hungry wolf in the Pashk village of Yarkhun when he was returning home from a friend’s house at night.

Mr Anwar said that in 2018 a snow leopard had also killed his nine goats in the winter.

The wildlife department has told the locals that if a wild animal comes down to populated areas it should not be harmed.

“But I suffered a loss last year and this year too and the wildlife department is not ready to pay compensation to me,” he complained.

He said that last year the wildlife department officials visited his house and after checking footprints of the predator confirmed that it was a snow leopard.

Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife) Altaf Ahmed said there was no conservancy area in Upper Chitral, hence no funds for payment of compensation to people whose goats are killed by wild animals such as snow leopards and wolves.–GH Farooqui

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  1. Mohammed Ilyas Ahmad says

    Snow leopard 🐆 belongs to cat family. It kills only the animal it eats and it’s principled.
    Dog family beasts kills by biting and tearing out any part of body without caring for the prey torn and eaten alive. These might be jackals, hyenas or wolves.

  2. karim ullah says

    ہیہ سینو لیوپارٹو نو لا شاپیرو ژوردو

    1. محمد الیاس says

      صحیح لو ُ

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