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AKES’ discrimination?

AKES' discrimination?

The first Aga Khan School was established in Pakistan by Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah in Gwadar Balochistan in 1905. However, Aga Khan schools were initiated in Chitral in the 1980s.

It was not new for the Ismaili Imams to open schools and promote education because they have a long tradition of leadership in education as Al Azhar University of Cairo was also established by Hazrat Imam Muiz. 

Prince Karim Aga Khan says: “A great school will educate its students not merely to be personally successful but also to use their gifts to build their communities and also to enhance the common good to levels beyond our dreams.” 

AKES is playing a marvelous role in spreading quality education, especially in far-flung areas of Yarkhun, Laspur, Torkhow and Garum Chashma.

However, the AKES leadership in Chitral has ignored us as there isn’t a single primary school or ECD system from Greenlasht to Charun even after four decades. Some parents in Kuragh, Charun and Jinalkoch send their kids to the Aga Khan School Booni in pick-and-drop vans but the rest of the population cannot afford it and their children remain deprived of quality education.

There are two AKES schools running in the adjoining twin villages of Kosht and Morder but Greenlasht, Reshun, Zait, Showgram, Charun and Charun Ovir with about 1,600 household are still deprived of any AKES school. So can we say isn’t it a discrimination? 

Secondly, students at AKHSS Kuragh belonging to adjoining villages of Reshun, Zait and Greenlasht have no transport facilities so they are compelled to live in private hostels. 

I would like to request AKES general manger Brig (retired) Khush Muhammad to look into the issue at the earliest and resolve it for the interest of the local people. 


Munir Hussain, Zait.


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