Prof Jamil Chitrali elected PUTA president

Prof Jamil Chitrali elected PUTA president

M. Irshad Ullah

PESHAWAR: Prof Jamil Ahmed Chitrali was on Tuesday elected as the president of Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA).

The panel of Prof Jamil Chitrali – Friends Panel – won the annual election with Muhammad Iqbal as the general secretary of the association.

After winning the election, Prof Jamil from Oveer Upper Chitral said he would work for the rights of the tecahers’ community in all forums. 

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  1. Congrats Prof sahib. You deserve much more. I remember you as an active young Chitrali lecturer who would always help chitrali students. It’s been 20 years Sir and you are still there; guiding and helping the youth. Your efforts are admirable.

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