Father seeks probe into death of twin sons after polio drops

Father seeks probe into death of twin sons after polio drops

CHITRAL: Twin brothers aged eight months died in Denin area after they were administered polio drops, their father claimed on Thursday.

However, a doctor associated with the polio vaccination rejected the allegation regarding the death of twin brothers from polio drops and said the kids were already sick and had many diseases from birth. 

Talking to local media, Mujibur Rehman, a resident of Gahtak Denin, claimed that his twin sons Muhammad and Ahmed, aged eight months, were well and fine before they were given the polio drops.

During the ongoing drive to vaccinate children against measles and rubella, his minor sons were administered polio drops.

He said soon after they were administered the polio drops, the twins started vomiting and passing loose motion.

The twin brothers were taken to a child specialist who prescribed medicine and advised the parents to continue it but there was no improvement, and the kids passed away after about 24 hours.

The father said a tragedy has struck his family and the government should probe the death of twin brothers.

The focal person for the district administration could not be contacted for comments.

However, coordinator for the Expanded Programme for Immunization (EPI) Dr Farman Nizar ruled out the possibility of the kids’ death from polio drops. He expressed sorrow over the tragedy but said the twin children were weak and had many diseases since birth.

Dr Farman said polio drops had been given to thousands of children in Chitral but there had been no complaints of any sort, adding the allegation by the father of the twins was unfounded.

He said taking advantage of the ongoing drive for vaccination of children against measles and rubella, polio drops were also being given to children under five years of age. –Muhkam Uddin Ayuni




3 Replies to “Father seeks probe into death of twin sons after polio drops”

  1. The doctors at DHQ Chitral – with a few exception – are highly irresponsible, half-literate and ordinay pakhty pass MBBS. They could be seen openly puffing cigrettes at the OPD. Shame.

    Can the MS look into this as why his doctors who are supposed to advise people not to smoke cigrettes could be seen openly smoking right in the emergency of the hospital?

    I would also like to bring this in the notice of the deputy commissioner as the DHO is good for nothing to suspend the doctors who are openly smoking not only in the premises of the hospital but also at the emergency OPD.

    Again I would say the doctors not Dr Farman, should be sacked as there is a young MO whose name is not known to me, as I personally witnessed all this during an emergency visit to the hospital is openly puffing cigarettes with a typical style by sitting on the emergency of the hospital as if he is facing some kind of psychological issue.

    Frankly, Mr MS, I want something serious done to him and all those who smoke cigarettes inside the hospital or be ready to get posted somewhere in erstwhile tribal areas. I tell you frankly. Why don’t you monitor these bloody medics and what the bloody hell are you doing there???

    If he is suffering from any kind of ailment he should be treated jointly by his colleagues and the paramedics as he is a serious threat to the patients visiting the hospital.

    Footnote: Dr Farman Nizar is a lovely friend. Pls don’t blame him. Wish if you people could know how he managed to become a doctor, you people would be proud of him. I assure you all, he can not be dishonest with his people, his profession especially with little kids. Pls spare him.

  2. How did the doctor know the two kids personally for being already sick. Disgusting, the drops might be expired and toxic. Seriously probe is needed.

  3. It is tragic and the doctor should explain how the twin kids died with same symptoms and at same time I mean in same day if the polio drop was not to be blamed.

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