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Chitral bazar traders decry power outages

CHITRAL: Chitral bazar traders have criticized prolonged power outages carried out by PESCO, saying it is destroying their businesses. 

At a meeting chaired by traders union president Bashir Ahmed, the traders said for the last two months PESCO has been disconnecting power supply to the bazar from 7am till the evening every day on the pretext of tree trimming. 

They said it was strange that during tree trimming in a specific area power supply to the whole bazar was being suspended. 

Moreover, Chitral is the only district where power bill payments are made on time and the recovery by PESCO  is 100pc. But even then, electricity is not provided to the consumers regularly.

The Chitral bazar traders demanded that Chitral should be declared a division by PESCO in order to ensure power supply efficiently.

They also demanded that regular power supply to the bazar should be ensured in order to save the traders from further losses.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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