Historical day in our parliamentary system

Historical day in our parliamentary history

Sarwar Kamal

In a joint session of parliament, PTI government with the support of its coalition partners passed 33 bills, including some key legislation.

For the first time in the history of the country, overseas Pakistanis have been given the right to vote in our general elections. In future, 18 million overseas Pakistanis will be able to cast there votes which is a huge blessing for our democratic system.
During each testing times our overseas have proven their worth and importance. Whether there is a national calamity (floods, earthquake, internally displaced persons issue or fundraising), our overseas have been leading from the front.

Our fragile economy depends very heavily on their foreign remittances. Before this government the overseas were the most neglected fragment of our society.

Similarly, in another bill the government passed the EVM (electronic voting machine) bill. This will ensure sanctify and transparency of our voting process. I don’t remember since our independence the losing party accepted the results of the election results with grace and humbleness.

There is always allegations of stollen and tampering with results. During his playing days as a cricketer Imran Khan for the first time presented the idea of neutral umpires for the transparency and spirit of the game. As a visionary leader he took the initiative to ensure the transparency of our electoral system.

There was no sense of priority and urgency to address this issue before him. In my humble opinion, these reforms are for our coming generations and they have great impacts on our political system.

While on the contrary in past most of priority during decision making were given for power politics, damaging the political culture of our country.

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  1. Dear sir i totally respect your difference of opinion. This is the real beauty of democracy while in monarchy there is lack of debate and expressions.In a Democratic system we have the luxury to initiate atleast a debate.i would like to respond to your counter arguments one by one.For me it was a historical day for our country and i am very confident histroy will decide this in future.In this joint session the govt moved some bills.The government benches proved there numerical majority as a result they were passed.I don’t think there any undemocratic things were adopted???? These were the normal parliamentary proceedings i am sure.The electoral reform issue is not new.They sitting government took every step to involve the opposition parties but they always showed no keen interest. There only intrest was there cases in NAB.Dear sir can you recall any single election results in the history of Pakistan its results were accepted by the opposition with grace??????What should be the way forward???how can we stop rigging??? So in my humble opinion there is no harm in use of technology. Our neighboring India is a successful model in this regard and they have no issues with the results.Yes there is inflation in Pakistan.You can’t ignore the role of the corona Pandemic in this regard.Nowadays there is a global inflation phenomena worldwide. To a some extent i can blame the sitting govt policies in this regard but realistically speaking they inherited all these crisis. As far as extension of army chief is concerned i don’t think any strange or extraordinary development. These are normal proceedings in our political histroy.

  2. Mohtaram it wasn’t historical day but a black day of the history of this unfortunate parliament for sure , where without opposition and without any debate” Might is right ” these bills were presented and voted and passed by only ruling members exclusive . It’s a unique parliament headed by a cricketer passed 33 Bills with in a two and half years of his government just in a one session of parliament. Poorest economic condition of Pakistani history inflation rate is unbearable day by day and poor public crying for food , clean drinking water, suger shortages , gas prices are unbearable, but Lovely PM Imran Khan is busy making pirioty Electronic Voting machine mandatory for the upcoming general elections , cause Mr khan knows now no once give him vote in person due to his utmost incompitency and totally collapsed bad governance and corruption charges. Mr khan’s government totally dependable on GHQ from the beginning that’s why he got extension to Mr Bajwa COAS as his helper.

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