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Expression of gratitude from family of late Shahnaz Sadruddin

The past few months have been very difficult for all of us, as our beloved family member Mrs. Shahnaz Saddruddin (L) remained hospitalized in a distant land far away from the family members, eventually leaving us forever peacefully in a local hospital in Memphis USA on 11th November.

It was a tragic and untimely huge loss of a young family member so as the grief. At this time, when we might have felt alone you have offered us the treasured gifts of your sympathy and understanding. We find it hard to express in words how much your love and concerns have given us strength and helped us to carry on. If it wasn’t for the condolence messages and sympathy calls, supplications and good wishes received from each one of you during her illness and after her demise, personal visits, and social media messages, we would not have gained the much-needed strength, fortitude, and perseverance to get us through the traumatic period.

Although, it is not possible to extend our humble thankfulness to everyone individually, the bereaved family owes huge gratitude to all of you for the love, care, sympathy, condolence messages, personal visits we have been receiving from around the world. The family also acknowledges and keeps in high esteem the services and support received from all the wonderful people and community members living in America, who stood by our brother, Mr. Sadruddin through his thick and thin.

Other than the Chitrali Ismaili community members, we are thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Abdullah who rendered great services and extended their support. Our special thanks may also be conveyed to respectable Mr. Roziman Shah, whose assistance particularly during the fulfillment of funeral rituals has been remarkable.

Besides, the kindness and support of Dr Shirazi cannot be forgotten. He played a great role and proved himself to be true savior and end endeavored to provide the best possible treatment and care to our beloved Shahnaz Sadruddin (late) and won our hearts and earned an enduring respect.

Please pray for the departed soul of our daughter and sister and remember us in your thoughts. We thank you once again.


Adnan Zainul Abideen.

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