Experts discuss use of comic stories to highlight environment issues

Experts discuss use of comic stories to highlight environment issues

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CHITRA: Experts at a webinar discussed different ways on how to use simple comic stories to highlight environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, pollution and plastic waste.

The Department of Zoology, University of Chitral, organized the webinar on “Rewriting Extinc in collaboration with Optimism Pakistan: an initiative by Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science University of Oxford and Rewriting Extinction: a collaborative charity project, UK.

Mr. Paul Goodenough, Emmy Award winner and a famous writer and producer was the key speaker.

In the changing world, environmental professionals and conservationists need new ways to communicate solutions and for outreach. It’s getting difficult to achieve expected outcomes by using media in the conventional and traditional approaches, therefore novel and unique ideas and models of communications are getting popularity to engage global and local audience.

Rewriting extinction is on top of such models of communication where comics are used in simple and attractive ways to deliver context specific message.

Mr. Paul Goodenough has published a book titled “Rewriting Extinction” which became bestseller in the first week of publishing. The contents of the book are also freely available on social media. 

The webinar was attended by large number of students, faculty members and people from other institutions and organizations across Pakistan.

Experts and environmental professional and conservation workers from abroad also joined the event. Mr. Bilal Mustafa from Conservation Optimism Pakistan moderated the session.

Following a brief presentation by Mr. Paul Goodenough the session was opened for discussion and questions answers.

Students of the Department of Zoology, University of Chitral, participated in the interactive session with great enthusiasm.

The speakers and organizers appreciated their participation, interest and enthusiasm.


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