Samsam Ali Advocate enrolled as Supreme Court lawyer

Samsam Ali Advocate enrolled as Supreme Court lawyer

KARACHI: Samsam Ali Advocate has been enrolled as a Supreme Court lawyer from Karachi.

Samsam Ali Advocate hails from Dizg village of Upper Chitral and has been practicing law in Karachi for over 30 years. He has LLM degree from the SM Law College, Karachi.

Talking to ChitralToday, Mr Ali said the Sindh High Court had recommended his name for enrollment with the Supreme Court in 2018 but due to unknown reasons he was not called for an interview.

He said Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the apex court went through the list recently and called him for an interview and cleared him for the enrollment on November 12, 2021.

Mr Ali is perhaps the first lawyer from Chitral to be enrolled with the Supreme Court of Pakistan. 

Procedure to become SC lawyer

The Supreme Court lawyer is the third level in law practice in Pakistan. After successful completion of seven years practice at a high court an application can be made to the Pakistan Bar Council for becoming an advocate Supreme Court.
This is then reviewed by a panel of Supreme Court judges headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Over fifty percent of the number of applications after successful completion of the requirement are accepted. An unsuccessful application in one year does not bar the candidate from re-applying in the next judicial year.

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  1. Very hapy to hear this. This is truely an honor to be the first ever lawyer of suprem court from Chitral. Looking forwad many more successs coming your way in the suprem court. Stay happy.

  2. Sir, Congratulations on your success. Inshallah you will have more success. This achievement is the success of Chitral and we proud of you.

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