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Man’s inhumanity to man

M Irshad Ullah

Though Pakistan was created in the name of Islam with a promise with our forefathers that there will be pure Islamic system of governance, but time has proved that it was just a deception.

Unfortunately, our belief has also changed as now we believe that money is the best thing in this world ignoring humanity, wisdom and Islamic values. Prime Minister Imran Khan has been playing politics on religion as he has been claiming that he is going to establish a welfare state on the pattern of Riyasat-i-Madina, but his actions loudly speak that he has no intention of establishing duc a welfare state.
Yesterday, I saw a seventy years old man begging for survival and caught by security forces. Though begging is a curse, if the state fails to look after old age people then what they will do. Actually, this is the responsibility of the state to look after its citizens when they are children and then in the last part of their life.

The most influential ruler of Muslim state after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Umar (RTA) is quoted as saying if a dog dies hungry on the bank of Euphrates he (Umar) will be held responsible for it.

Do you think is there any justification for calling Pakistan an Islamic Republic or welfare state?
After reading my article, you will come to the conclusion that how cruel are our rulers. Though Pakistan has been created in the name of Islam with the promise of all rights for all people, but in the picture circulated on media you can see a small girl and some elderly persons arrested by police for begging. Though this is the “land of the pure” as this is the meaning of Pakistan,  how dirty people have been leading life here.
There will be no denying the fact that rulers of Pakistan are real tyrants and they are not allowing the victims to cry though they might be feeling the pain. State is responsible for feeding its citizens and if it is facing failure then they have no right to make the voice of people silent. Poor in our country hardly mange to feed their children. Despite the fact we are not doing good in our society at large we as individuals lack moral characters. Our companies are bad but our loneliness are worse. It’s a wake-up call to all human rights activists.
I really feel sorry for our weakness.

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