Man surrenders to police after ‘honour’ killing

M. Irshad Ullah

CHITRAL: A man surrendered to police after killing a youth from Bamak village of Lower Chitral for honour in the Preyit village on Wednesday, sources in the police told ChitralToday.

The victim was identified as Hayat Hussain, 23, a resident of Bamak.

The sources said Hamza from Preyit went to a nearby police picket and informed the officials that he had murdered the young man along with his own daughter and dumped the dead bodies in the river.

The police took the man into custody and during an interrogation he said he was lying about the murder of his daughter. He said his daughter was in Punjab.

The dead body of the youth is yet to be recovered from the river. Further investigation is underway in the case.

Local people said the deceased had secretely reached Preyit to take away the girl for court marriage.

But the father and brothers of the girl caught him along with the girl and killed the young man and threw the body into the river.

They said the alleged killers then sent the girl to Punjab where her elder sister was already settled. 

The police are investigating the natter and have arrested three suspects in the honour killing case.


Teenage girl, young man killed for honour

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